ACS Committee 2018/19

Introducing the committee for this academic year

Dede Eyesan


BSc Accounting and Finance, 2 Year

Hi, i’m Dede and I am the ACS President for 2018-19. I will convene and chair Society meetings, liaise with SU officers and staff on all society issues and be responsible for ensuring compliance with all Union and School policies and regulations. Of course, I will also ensure that the ACS is the heart of Afro-Caribbean cultural experiences on campus.



Safara Yates

Vice President,

Politics and International Relations, 2nd Year

My name is Saf, and I am your VP for 2018-9. I plan to make ACS more inclusive for those of Caribbean descent, while also making sure that the freshers have a platform to express themselves and be proud of their heritage.

Lotta Ilukwe


LLB Laws, 2nd year

Hi guys, i’m Lotta. My role is to handle the primary logistics of the society and ensure its swift operational status.


Ebuka Itanyi


BSc Accounting and Finance, 2 Year

Hi, I’m Ebuka and I will be the treasurer for 2018-19. My job is to manage the accounts of the society and to ensure financial prosperity.

Simisola Adebowale

Sponsorship Officer,

LLB in Laws, 2 Year

I’m Simi, a second year Law student. I am one of the two Sponsorship Officers. My role is to ensure the ACS has enough funds to carry out its various projects, help with applications and liaise with our sponsors throughout the academic here.

Shamara Lowe-Mbirimi

Sponsorship Officer,

BSc Politics and Philosophy, 2nd year.

Hi guys, my name’s Shamara. You can expect me to secure prestigious sponsorships this academic year, help you find your career pathway or just initiate the beginning of great relations with some fantastic corporations.

Francess Okia-Anie

Creative Officer

LLB in Laws, 2 Year

Hi, my name is Francess and I am the Creative Officer for 2018-19. My job is the brand management of the ACS alongside creating and sourcing all media output of the society. I will also encourage and support the creative presence of LSE’s Afro-Caribbean demographic on campus.

Shanyce Morris

Events Officer,

BSc Politics and International Relations

Hey guys, my name is Shanyce. I’m one of your events offers and my job is to make sure we all have a lit year with as many great events as possible. 

Ela Oluwole

Events Officer,

LLB in Laws, 2 Year

Hey guys I’m Ela and I’m one of the events officers. I’m gonna be working with Shanyce to organise and run all your events for this year and make sure you have loads of fun. 

Demilade Adeyemi

Liaisons Officer,

LLB in Laws, 2 Year

My name is Demi. My role as your liaisons officer is to connect with the different charities, both on and off campus. I will work with then to help give back as a committee. Also this year I’m helping to organise our Black Ascent conference, which focuses on empowering us as black students to think beyond what is expected.

Zena Giwa-Osagie

Media & Publicity Officer,

BSc Government and Economics, 2 Year

Hi guys! My name is Zena and I will be in charge of the society’s social media output. I will be keeping you guys updated on all of the happenings of ACS, along with the relevant business and political news of Africa and the Caribbean. 

Tracey Aliyuda

Ablaze Officer,

My name is Tracey and I will be the Ablaze Officer. Ablaze last year was good, but this year I plan to make it a night to remember especially because my position is newly created role. I will be writing, directing and producing the ACS annual cultural show Ablaze.