ACS Committee 17/18

Introducing the committee for this academic year

Michael Lemoru


Hey people, my name is Michael. 2nd year Economics. I am honoured to be the President for the next academic year. My role is to lead the vision of the ACS, liaise with the Students Union and make sure that everything regarding the society runs as smoothly as possible.

Top Uni Tip; Student Overdraft is not a safe haven – Don’t get lost in the sauce.

Twitter; @miikeylemoru

Toluwa Agbooala

Vice President,

Hey guys, my name is Toluwa. I’m a 2nd year Politics and International Relations student and I’ll be your Vice President for the year. In short, my job is to support Michael, and the rest of the committee, in anyway that I can, whilst also ensuring that the vision of the ACS comes to fruition.

Top Uni Tip; When you’re given readings, please just read them. Take it from someone who did the exact opposite last year. Come exams, you’ll thank yourself for it.

Twitter; @toluwaagboola

Anu Alamutu


Heyy there ! I’m Anu, a second year law student. I am the Secretary for the 2017/2018 academic year. I’ll be communicating with you through emails, keeping you updated on events and opportunities the ACS has to offer this year, so stay tuned. 

Top uni tip; Weekly budgets are key so you don’t end up broke at the end of the month. 

Twitter; @anualamutu

Charis Richards


Hi, I’m Charis (ka-ris) and I’m going to be in charge of managing, budgeting and stretching society money as your Treasurer. I’m a second year studying Social Policy and Economics BSc.

Top Uni Tip; revise in groups because explaining things to other people solidifies your own knowledge and if no one understands the material, communal crying can be therapeutic. A bonus tip is bring a packed lunch to uni because Holborn food prices are not student friendly!

Instagram: @cazkez

Camilla Yahaya

Sponsorship Officer,

I’m Camilla, a second year Government student. I am one of the two Sponsorship Officers. My role is to ensure the ACS has enough funds to carry out its project, help with applications and liaise with our sponsors throughout the academic here. 
Top uni tip: Find someone who did your module last year ASAP.

Abi Adeyemi

Sponsorship Officer,

Hi guys, my names Abi and I’m one of the Sponsorship Officers for this year’s committee. 

We have secured some great sponsors this year and I look forward to working with them and the ACS as the year progresses.

Top Uni Tip: Stay on top of your work… If you fall behind, catching up is difficult

Tosin Murana

Creative Officer,

Hey! I’m tosin and I’m a 2nd year law student. I am the 2017/18 Creative Officer of the society! My role is to direct the creative vision of the ACS and make sure all visuals are banging. 

Top Uni Tip: Uber will swallow your bank account. Sometimes bus it.

Seun Olomu

Events Officer,

Hey guys, my name is Seun and I’m a 2nd year international relations student. I’m one of your events offers and my job is to make sure we all have a lit year with as many great events as possible. 

Top Uni Tip: try and get involved in as much as you can during your first year!

Twitter; @seunanderson_

Arianne McCullough

Events Officer,

Hey guys I’m Ari, 2nd year studying sociology and Spanish and I’m one of the events officers! I’m gonna be working with Seun to organise and run all your events for this year and make sure you have loads of fun. 

Top Uni Tip: take part in as much as you possibly can

Instagram; @arianne_thea

Eniola Olabinjo

Liaisons Officer,

My name is Eniola Olabinjo, currently in my second year studying International Relations. My role as your liaisons officer is to connect with the different charities we work with to help give back as a committee. Also this year I’m helping to organise our Black Ascent conference, which focuses on empowering us as black students to think beyond what is expected.

Top Uni Tip: Comparison is thief of joy, everyone is in their own lane at uni, don’t let another person’s success or failures throw you off your own path

Layo Fola-Sarumi

Media & Publicity Officer,

heyy, my name is Layo Fola-Sarumi. 2nd Year Government and Economics. I am super excited to be the media and publicity officer this academic year. My role is to keep the public informed of all the events ACS organises as well as current affairs via social media.  

Top Uni Tip; You are really in charge of your happiness at uni, so throw yourself into as many new things as possible! 

Twitter; @ilahfola

Nife Elegbede

Media & Publicity Officer,

Hi guys! My name is Nife, a 2nd year studying Economics and Economic History. I am one of the two Media x Publicity Officers – we were in charge of the “Meet the committee” on our twitter and Facebook page, if you haven’t seen it, go ahead and have a look ☺ Our role is to keep our social media and all of you updated and connected! 

Top Uni Tip: Uber’s in London are NOT your friend.  Unless you’re split faring, don’t think about it x 

Twitter: @itsnifee

Zainab Sanusi

Ablaze Officer, 

My name is Zainab Sanusi and I am 2nd Year in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Ablaze last year was good, but this year I plan to make it a night to remember especially because my position is newly created role. As such, expectations are riding high. I hope to get everyone involved with the show as much as possible and in any shape or form. Don’t be worried about taking yourself too seriously – its also going to be a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to working with everyone.

Top Uni Tip: Don’t expect people to have the same home training as you because my flat mates were utter pigs.

Instagram: zay_sanusi